Schedule of Services/Rates

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Service Work available (but not limited to): Raise & Lower Masts, Upper Mast work, Remove & Install Sails, Furling System, Pack sail for Cleaning, Replace Windex and Light Bulbs, Clean Deck, Polish Topside, Pull & Power Wash Bottoms, Sand & Paint Bottoms, Touch Up Pads, Blister Repair, Install Anode, Epoxy, Fiberglass, Gelcoat, Charge & Jump Batteries, Remove & install Outboard, Change oil & filters, Keel Repair, Center Board Repair, Rudder Repair, Tighten Keel Bolts, Inspect Knot Meter, Thru Hull Fittings, Small Electricial Work, Recommend engine services, Recommend Winteriziation Services, Tighten Packing Gland, Pump Out Head, Trailer repair, Build new Hatch Doors

If you are inquiring about some work not listed, please call and if we can't do it, we may be able to recommend someone who can.)

If you have used motor oil, please contact us to see if we can help you recycle your motor oil.

Schedule of Services/Rates
Dock rental, per foot, per month minimum of 20ft: $8.00
     (Old salt discount pay before February 1)
Dock rental, per foot, per month minimum of 20ft: $8.50
     (Contract year April 1 - March 31)
Dry storage, annual slip lessee, per month: $55.00
Dry storage (if no slip lease) per month: $110.00
Cradle or jack stand rental per pad per month: $16.00
Trailer, cradle or jack stands sets storage for Annual lessee per month: $16.00
Overnight slip per night per foot Min 20 FT: $1.25
Day Dock (not overnight or after 6 PM): $10.00
Inquire about Special Slip Rate Deals

Pull & Launch Rate
Pull/Launch boat 7 ton or larger, Minimum for 1st hour: $325.00
Pull/Launch boat on jack stands(may require mast removal see below for additional charge)minimum for 1st hour: $325.00
Pull/Launch boat, 26 FT or larger on trailer or cradle Minimum for 1st hour: $165.00
Pull/ Launch boat less than 26 FT on trailer Minimum for 1st hour: $90.00

Service Rates
Raise/ lower mast, minimum for 1st ½ hour: $95.00
Labor rate per hour, plus materials, minimum of ½ hour: $95.00
Technical labor rate(diesel, electrical, rigging, painting, fiberglass, gelcoat), per hour, plus material, minimum of ½ hour: $95.00
Bottom pressure clean(minimum for 1st ½ hour) - All boat sizes: $65.00
Rental of Pressure sprayer…………………………..$40.00
Hydraulic trailer or hoist usage per 24 hours……....$95.00
Towing, minimum charge for 1st hour……..….....….$160.00

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